Cheap window air conditioner reviews: Cheapest Window AC – Cheap window air conditioner with remote

Our electronics expert will help you find the cheap window air conditioners with remote.

When it comes to air conditioners, the cheapest ones are usually the window air conditioners. This is because of their simplicity and technology being used in them. Another reason why the window air conditioners are cheaper than the window less air conditioner is because of economies of scale. This basically means that window air conditioner are made in bigger quantities which allow the manufactures to sell them at cheaper price tags. Some of them come with remote and some come without one. The window air conditioner with remote is usually slightly more expensive.

Window air conditioner is must have for any house. They protect you from heat and are excellent filling the house with fresh and cool air. It gets pretty hot here in US and that is why a lot of go for the window air conditioners as they are cheaper than spit windowless AC.

Window air conditioner is most common when it comes to types of AC units. A single unit combines compressor, heat exchanger and fan. That being said, compared to windowless air conditioners, more popularly known as split systems, they are noisier and reduce the daylight area as they cannot be mounted on a wall.

What to look for choosing the best cheap windows air conditioner? The first thing to look for is capacity. Second is how much of the exterior body of the window air conditioner is exposed to sunlight. You also should look for the energy rating.

But, as said earlier, a window air conditioner is cheaper and their inexpensive price tag is their biggest advantage. They cost less to maintain as they functioning is simpler than windowless AC.

No special installation is required for a window air conditioner. Infact, one can do it himself as well. Just take it out of the packing box and fit it in a window. Plug it into a power socket and you are done. This makes it suitable for small houses, apartments and offices. They are so easy to install and uninstall that you can find them in “shop on wheels” as well.

Here are the best window air conditioners of 2017 being sold in USA.

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1
* 5,000 BTU mini-compact air conditioner for window-mounted installation uses standard 115V electrical outlet (Window mounting kit included)
* Quickly cools a room up to 150 sq. ft. with dehumidification up to 1.1 pints per hour
* Mechanical rotary controls, 2 cool speeds, 2 fan speeds, and 2-way air direction
* Low power start-up, quiet operation and effortless restart
* Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 11.1, Measures: 16-Inches W x 15-1/4-Inches D x 12-Inches H


* 2016 energy star: 12.1 energy efficiency Ratio (EER)
* Uses standard 115V electrical outlet
* Product Dimensions 19.6(D) x 19.4(W) x 12.4(H) inches
* 8,000 BTUs cools a room up to 340 sq. Ft, Dehumidification up to 2.2 pints per hour
* 3 cooling speeds/3 fan speeds for cooling flexibility

hOme 5000

hOme 5000
* Great for small spaces – 5000 BTU window mounted air conditioner quickly cools spaces up to 150 sq. feet – perfect for bedrooms and small living rooms
* Quite cooling – Compact window AC unit for 110V/120V outlets features high and low fan settings, 2 cooling options, and two-way air flow
* Quick temperature reduction – 7 speed settings for fast cooling to take rooms from hot to cold in 10 minutes or less
* Easy installation – Window air conditioner includes mounting kit with leaf guard accordion panels, washable filter and user-friendly instructions for drip-free installation
* Size and specs – AC unit measures 12” high, 15.4” deep and 16” long – ideal for window length between 23” – 36” with minimum window height 13”

Frigidaire FFRA1222R1 with remote

Frigidaire FFRA1222R1
* 12,000 BTU compact air conditioner for window-mounted installation uses standard 115V electrical outlet (Window mounting kit included)
* Quickly cools a room up to 550 sq. ft. with dehumidification up to 3.8 pints per hour
* Multi-speed electronic controls with 24-hr. on/off timer and full-function remote control
* Auto cool, Energy Saver mode, Sleep mode, fresh air vent, exhaust control, 8-way air direction and washable mesh filter with check filter alert
* Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 10.9

Koldfront WAC10002WCO with remote

Koldfront WAC10002WCO
* Energy Star rated; Energy Saver mode; 24-hour timer; LED filter alert
* Auto function; Sleep mode; Dry mode; Three (3) separate fan speeds
* Remote control included; Cooling capacity: 10,000 BTUs; Temperature range: 62° – 86°F
* Recommended room size: 450 sq ft; Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz; Current 7.5A
* Dimensions: 14.6”H x 19.0”W x 21.5”D; Min. window height 15.5″; Window width: 23″ – 36″

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