Best All in One Computer with Touchscreen 2017: Top all in one desktop computer with touchscreen panel

Top all in one computers with touchscreen panels of 2017

Find the best all in one desktop computer with touchscreen of 2017. The all in one computers with touchscreens are very popular right now and all credit goes to windows 10 for being so much more touch-friendly compared to the previous iterations of windows. Touchscreen all in one computers provide you a direct way of interacting with the PC as you can use a pointing device you always carry with you – your finger. It is highly accurate and works perfectly with the Windows 10. All the new all in one touchscreen computers come with either 6th generation or 7th generation Intel kaby lake processors that consume very little power and thus, are highly efficient.
Best All in One desktop Computer with Touchscreen 2017

There are number of things to keep in mind when looking for the best all in one desktop computer with touchscreen.

First is the display size. The all in one desktop computer with touchscreen panels come in sorts of display sizes. Choose the one with the space you have available on your desk. If it is small, consider going for a 23-incher and if you have lots of space, 27” or 30” is the way to go.

Second is resolution. If you are looking for a cheap all in one desktop computer with touchscreen, then you will have to settle down with a low resolution HD one which is fine for doing casual web surfing and basic home computing like working on office documents and so on. But if you are buying one for getting some professional work done, then screen resolution is very important. Go for all in one desktop computer with full HD. There are some AIO with ultra HD resolution as well but they can get a bit costlier. A higher resolution panel lets you work on more data a time, thereby making you more productive.

Storage and memory – the cheaper one come with 500GB and in some cases 1 terabytes of storage but if you are looking for speed, look at the all in one desktop computers with SSD. There some all in one desktop computers that make use of hybrid storage in which they use hard disk for storing most of the data but use SSD for operating system, application files. This helps in speeding up the operations by a long shot.

Best all in one computer with touchscreen – HP Pavilion 24

HP Pavilion 24 is the best all in one touchscreen computer out there. It is powered by very powerful i7 that comes with whopping 8MB of cache so you get great multitasking experience. There is 16GB of latest DDR4 memory onboard that is backed by fast 7200rpm 1000GB hard disk. The screen packs full HD resolution and it looks amazing thanks to the IPS technology that offers accurate colors and wide viewing angles. There are Bang and Olufsen stereo speakers for best possible multimedia experience.
HP Pavilion 24

* Intel Core i7-7700T processor with quad cores, clocked at 3.6GHz, Intel HD Graphics 530 with 4GB video memory
* 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1000GB HDD, super multi DVD burner
* 23.8 inch screen with full HD resolution, multitouch functionality enabled, edge to edge IPS display
* Wireless optical mouse, Wireless island-style keyboard

HP Envy 24-n025

HP Envy 24-n025 is a powerful all in one computer with touchscreen that is great for doing GPU-intensive apps like Auto CAD, Matlab and some gaming thanks to its AMD R9 dedicated graphics card. But its highlight is the ultra high-definition display that is super-sharp and blows away every single display in terms of sharpness and color-accuracy. It comes with 6th generation i5 processor and 1000GB hybrid storage drive that makes sure the system runs smooth at all times.
HP Envy 24-n025

* Intel Core i5-6400T 4-core processor that runs at 2.2GHz and has 6MB cache + AMD R9 A375 4GB Dedicated GPU
* 8GB DDR3L-1600 RAM + 1TB SATA 6G 2.5 8G SSHD
* 23.8” 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Touch-Screen
* HP Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse

Dell Inspiron i3052

Dell Inspiron i3052 is one of the most affordable all in one computer with touchscreen. It looks sleek and packs a variety of ports to ensure you get complete PC experience. It is powered by latest Intel Pentium processor that is extremely efficient and runs quietly. It is the most compact touchscreen AIO as well.
Dell Inspiron i3052

* Intel Pentium N3700 clocked at 2.4GHz, 2MB cache
* 19.5 inch screen, 1600×900 resolution
* 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Tray load DVD Drive
* Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard Black, Dell Wired Mouse

Acer Chromebase

Acer Chromebase is the cheapest all in one with touchscreen. It runs Chrome OS that is built around web and if you do all of your work inside a web browser, Acer Chromebase is for you. Chrome OS is not prone to viruses and extremely reliable. The screen is full HD so everything is crisp and clear.
Acer Chromebase

* NVIDIA Tegra K1 4-Plus-1 Quad Core ARM Cortex-A15 Processor up to 2.1GHz
* 21.5″ Full HD Widescreen Edge-to-Edge LED Back-lit 10-point Touch Screen (1920 x 1080) resolution
* 4GB DDR3 Memory + 16GB SSD, MicroSD Memory Slot
* USB Keyboard & Mouse

Dell Inspiron i3455-8041WHT

Dell Inspiron i3455 is an affordable all in one computer with touchscreen. It features a very capable AMD A6 processor and Radeon R4 GPU for decent graphics performance. The touchscreen packs full HD resolution and looks great. If you are a heavy user, you can bump it to 16GB but 4GB RAM should do just fine for most of your stuff.
Dell Inspiron i3455-8041WHT

* Quad core AMD A6-7310 CPU with Radeon R4 GPU
* 23.8-inch FHD (1920×1080) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
* 4GB RAM + 1TB HDD, DVD drive, Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Operating System

Lenovo Ideacentre 510

Lenovo Ideacentre 510 is a compact all in one with touchscreen panel that is powerful and affordable at same time. It is powered by i3 processor and it comes with 8GB RAM and 1000GB hard disk onboard. Our favorite part about its specs is the fact it comes with FHD display.
Lenovo Ideacentre 510

* Intel Core i3-6100T processor clocked at 3.2GHz
* 23″ LED-Lit touch display, 1920 x 1080 resolution
* 8GB RAM, 1TB 7200RPM HDD

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