The Eee PC is a line of inexpensive ultraportable notebook computers released by ASUS Computer Inc. in late 2007. Eee PCs follow a design philosophy that ASUS dubs “the three Es”: “Easy to learn, Easy to work, and Easy to play”.

Eee PC Specs

See the Eee PC 701 article for more details on the Eee PC 701, including information on the actual hardware and software that it comes with. See this chart for information on other Eee PC models

New to the Eee PC?

There are a number of wiki articles which you might find particularly useful, for example, Absolute Beginners: A Guide to tweaking Easy Mode with wizards, Common Problems, Frequently Asked Questions and An introduction to terminal. If you are new to the Eee and/or Xandros it is worth building up your skills with more basic projects before trying the advanced ones.

The EeeUser Wiki

The EeeUser Wiki is a community documentation project for the Eee PC. It contains everything from basic product information to advanced tips and how-to articles, all added by community members.

Guides and How-To’s for owners