Best all in one computer with ultra HD 4k screen 2017: UHD All in One desktop computers – Best AIO with ultra HD resolution

Find out the best all in one computer with ultra HD 4k resolution. More and more manufactures are now churning out UHD 4k all in one desktops as people come to realise the potential of a ultra HD panel over full HD and standard HD screens. An all in one desktop computer with ultra HD brings numerous advantages to the users. First is the fact they pack whopping 3200×1800 pixels which allow them to work with much more content at a time.
Best all in one computer with ultra HD 2017

That being said, since windows 10 makes use of scaling, you will not exactly see four times content but it will still be much more nonetheless. You will be able to work with multiple windows much more comfortably due to high pixel density.

Another reason why people go for the best all in one computer with ultra HD panel is better picture and movie quality. You finally have a screen that does justice to those huge megapixel images since there are more pixels to work with on a UHD panel.

When buying an all in one computer with ultra HD 4k panel, keep these things in mind.

To notice difference between a FHD all in one and UHD one, you need to get an all in one with big display, somewhere around 24” and bigger. If you get an all in one with smaller display, you will not notice much difference since PPI was already higher with FHD panel.

Second very important thing is GPU. It is important to have a strong integrated graphics card or better go for an all in one with dedicated graphics card to drive all those many pixels. If your all in one computer comes with Intel Iris graphics, then that will do just fine too. Don’t fret – we are here to help you finding the best all in one computer with ultra HD screen.

Lenovo Ideacentre Y910

Lenovo Ideacentre Y910 is the best all in one computer with ultra HD 4k screen. It is powered by i5 standard voltage processor for excellent CPU performance but our favorite part of its specs is the Nvidia 1070 pascal dedicated graphics card. This GPU makes this AIO ideal for gaming and graphic intensive tasks like Auto CAD and 3DMax. It also ensures smooth playback of 4k content.  With 12GB RAM, 1000GB hard disk that is backed by 128GB SSD, there is nothing you cannot do on this AIO.
Lenovo Ideacentre Y910

* 27 inch all in one with 4k display
* Intel Core i5-6500 CPU + Nvidia Pascal 1070 graphics
* 1000GB HDD + 128GB SSD, 12GB RAM

HP Envy 27

HP Envy 27 looks like a showpiece, so elegant and beautiful. Fortunately, it has brains too packing quad core i7 processor, whopping 16GB of fast DDR4 RAM and 1000GB hard disk backed by 128GB SSD to keep everything running jitter-free. It has big 27 inch display, which by the way is a touchscreen too. So you can interact with the display just like a giant tablet. It is the only touchscreen all in one computer with ultra HD screen.
HP Envy 27-b010

* 27″ touchscreen display, QHD IPS panel (2560 x 1440)
* Intel Core i7-6700T processor clocked at 2.8GHz, Nvidia 950M graphics card
* 1TB HDD, 128G SSD + 16 GB DDR4-2133 RAM

Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700

Lenovo Ideacentre 700 is a large all in one computer with ultra HD resolution. The UHD is home to a touchscreen that supports multitouch operation as well. There is a standard voltage i5 processor and dedicated Nvidia graphics card which makes it an excellent all-round AIO computer. It has ample RAM and storage onboard.

Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700

* 27 inch multi touch screen wiht 4K UHD resolution
* Intel Core i5-6400 CPU with Quad Cores + Nvidia GeForce GTX 950A discrete GPU
* 8GB memory, 1000GB hard disk

HP Envy 34 curved all-in-one

HP Envy 34 is a multimedia all in one computer with absolutely insane look and breathtaking curved display. Its massive 34 inch screen packs WQHD resolution which runs lag-free thanks to powerful Nvidia 940A dedicated graphics card. Powering this beast is an i7 processor backed by 2000GB hard disk, 128GB SSD and 16GB RAM. It even has the stereo bang & olufsen speakers onboard.
HP Envy 34

# 34-inch curved screen with IPS tech, WQHD resolution – 3440 x 1440 pixels
# Standard voltage Intel Core i7-6700T CPU + Nvidia GeForce GTX 960A GPU
# 16GB memory, 2000GB HDD + 128GB SSD

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