Best Apple Computer For Video Production

Best Apple Computer For Video Production

Between independent films and the popularity of YouTube, individual production of videos has become commonplace. If you produce videos on a regular basis, this will be something to consider if you are switching computers. While Apple tends to be more expensive, most Apple products are extremely durable and come with an excellent warranty. Here is a bit more advice on Apple computer setup for video production:

The iMac: Before you start looking, you should address whether or not you will need to travel with your computer. If traveling is important, you will need a laptop. If you need a stay at home computer, the iMac with a 27” screen has an excellent display that will make edits easy and pleasant. The iMac has the power you need to edit videos that are longer than the standard YouTube clip. If you are doing some serious editing, you will need to pay more for extra RAM. Since Apple has stopped allowing random RAM additions, you should ask about adding RAM later before you buy.

The Mac Pro: This model is seriously fast when it comes to video editing. This model is expensive and comes with less space than the iMac, but if you have the budget and need the quick turnaround time this model should definitely be on your potential list. You do have the option of purchasing external hard drives for storage, which is something to consider for any computer.

Mac Book Pro: If you need to be able to move around with your computer, the MacBook Pro has the power for video production and the benefit for portability. This option can be expensive, and you may be able to get a similar setup with other Mac Books- just make sure that you aren’t paying more for upgrades on something else than you would for a Mac Book Pro.

The best place to find Apple computers for sale and get the most accurate and up to date information is from a certified Apple premier partner or Apple store. These places may also offer video tech services, which can be helpful if you are just getting started in video production.

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